Effective ….., 2017


This job description forms part of the Labor Contract between CBM Country Coordination Office Hanoi, Vietnam and the Position Holder of Office Intern.


Position Title

Office Intern

Reporting Line

Country Coordinator

Substituted by:

Programme Officer




CBM is an international development organization with expertise in Disability and Inclusive Development and works through government and non-governmental partners for the empowerment and full inclusion of persons with disability. CBM commenced its mission in Viet Nam in 1982.  Project support is provided in three main areas: prevention of blindness/comprehensive eye care, community based rehabilitation (CBR), inclusive education, inclusive disaster risk reduction and disabled people organizations (DPOs).


The key function of the CBM Country Coordination Office is to assist in the development of the capacities of project partners in planning, monitoring and quality management of projects, as well development of collaborative relationships with other stakeholders.  The desired result is relevant, efficient, effective and sustainable community eye health, rehabilitation, education, disaster risk reduction and DPO programmes with a view towards promoting a disability inclusive approach in all aspects of the work of CBM and partners in the country.




To assist the team to provide social media support to current projects and other tasks related to communications of the country office. In addition, the successful candidate will support the team in activities related to DPOs and persons with disabilities.




Needed Knowledge and Skills

§  Skills and/or willingness to learn media, communication. Experience with graphic design preferred.

§  Good work organization and planning skills

§  Good command of written and spoken English.

§  Good computer skills and ability to adapt to basic IT applications.


Personal Qualities

§  Flexible, resourceful, and actively responds to different circumstances

§  Can handle assigned tasks enthusiastically with a willingness to learn

§  Able to work harmoniously as member of the team

§  Good with dealing with people of diverse cultural, and professional backgrounds

·          Has an active interest in social development work, especially the promotion of an inclusive approach for persons with disabilities




§  University degree


Learning and Education opportunities

-          Short courses in all aspects of CBM’s technical mandates

-          On-the–job training and coaching by national and international advisors


1.   Provide communication/media support for relevant upcoming project activities, events and workshops.

2.   Developing innovative ideas about how to use social media for campaign to promote disability inclusion.

3.   Work closely with crowdfunding intern to design communication materials.

4.   Provide clerical and logistical support in upcoming planning workshops, surveys, procurement of services and supplies

5.   Performs all other tasks assigned to him/her to ensure smooth operations of the CBM Country Coordination office


Persons with disabilities are encouraged to apply.


To apply, interested candidates can send your CV and letter of motivation to the email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by 22nd April. 


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